platinum [plat′'n əm]
[ModL < Sp platina, dim. of plata, silver < Prov, metal plate, silver bar, silver < VL * plattus, flat: see PLATE]
a silver-colored, malleable, ductile, metallic chemical element that is highly resistant to corrosion and tarnish, used as a chemical catalyst, for acid-proof containers, ignition fuses, jewelry, dental alloys, etc.: symbol, Pt; at. no., 78: see the periodic table of elements in the Reference Supplement
[by assoc. with the platinum-plated copy awarded to the performer(s) ]
designating a record, tape, disc, video, etc. which has registered sales of a specified number, as two million, or value, as $1,000,000: platinum reflects a greater number or value than gold

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